Upcoming Courses

New courses will be offered through Aarhus University beginning in 2020

Past Courses

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (2013-2017)

OCN 621 Biological Oceanography  - Factors governing productivity, population dynamics, distribution of organisms in major ecosystems of the ocean, emphasis on ecology of pelagic zone. Link to 2017 Syllabus.

OCN 682 Introduction to Programming and Statistics in R  - Graduate course covering an introduction to programming and mathematical and statistical analysis using R. Link to 2017 Syllabus.

OCN 399/499/699 Directed Research - Directed research projects for undergraduate and graduate students.  


Aarhus University (2016)

Programming and Statistics for the Aquatic Sciences - Introductory course on programming for effective data analysis and statistical modelling to address research questions in the aquatic sciences. Using programming language R.


Dalhousie University (2009)

Ecosystem Modelling of Marine and Freshwater Environments - Graduate course covering development and application of ecosystem models linking biology and physics, including theoretical background and hands-on tutorials.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

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In the news:

  • Neuheimer, A.B. 2011. Fish in Hot Water. Article for Australasian Science, December 2011,p. 34-35. (link)


Are you an educator...

...interested in including biological oceanography in your class?  The Neuheimer Lab can aid in creating lesson plans for grades K-12, covering many aspects of biological oceanography (e.g. animals, ecology) and marine science in general (ocean circulation, etc.).  Contact us here.