UH Oceanography @ 14th Deep-Sea Biology Symposium in Portugal

Safe travels to all those headed to DSBS in Portugal next week.  Learn about seamount productivity with PhD Candidate Astrid Leitner's presentation: 

Leitner AB, Neuheimer A, Drazen JC - Seamount induced primary productivity hotspots. (291)

Also, check out these talks by other UH Oceanography colleagues:

Amon DJ, Smith CR, Ziegler AF - Megafaunal community structure and biodiversity in the UK-1 claim area of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone. (200)

Leitner AB, Drazen JC, Nunnally CC - Analysis of scavenging megafauna of the Clarion-Clipperton Zone using a baited camera. (201) 

Choy CA, Popp BN, Drazen JC et al - Trophic structure and food resources of North Pacific midwater communities inferred from nitrogen isotopic compositions. (71)

Gerringer ME, Yancey PH, Davydov D, Drazen JC - Trends in metabolic enzyme activities and pressure- related changes in maximum reaction rate of lactase dehydrogenase in abyssal and hadal fishes. (89)

Nunnally CC, Drazen JC, Grammatopoulou E, Mayor DJ - Measurements of individual and community respiration rates using in situ respirometers in deep-sea trenches. (88) 

Smith CR, Amon DJ, Drazen J et al - Nodule mining and ocean stewardship in the CCZ: An overview of the ABYSSLINE project with results on macrofaunal diversity and community structure. (9) 

Smith CR, Grange LJ, Honig D et al - Antarctic fjord biodiversity hotspots, ecosystem function, and response to climate change – the FjordEco Project. (240)

Ziegler AF, Smith CR - The influence of ice-rafted debris on megabenthic diversity and community structure in fjords of the west Antarctic Peninsula. (39)

Ziegler AF, Amon DJ, Smith CR - A qualitative assessment of megafaunal diversity and biogeography of the UK-1 mining claim area within the CCZ. (236)


Posted on August 28, 2015 .