Upcoming Courses

OCN 621 Biological Oceanography  - Spring - Factors governing productivity, population dynamics, distribution of organisms in major ecosystems of the ocean, emphasis on ecology of pelagic zone. Co-instructed with Dr. K. Edwards. Link to 2017 Syllabus.

OCN 682 Introduction to Programming and Statistics in R  - Spring - Graduate course covering an introduction to programming and mathematical and statistical analysis using R. Link to 2017 Syllabus. Please Note: OCN 682 will not be offered in 2018 as Anna will be on leave.

OCN 399/499/699 Directed Research - Ongoing - Directed research projects for undergraduate and graduate students.  Contact A.B. Neuheimer for interest/availability.

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Whether you’re preparing for your qualifying/comprehensive exams, final defence, or other life challenge, below is a collection of thoughts to help you get out of your own way:


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In the news:

  • Neuheimer, A.B. 2011. Fish in Hot Water. Article for Australasian Science, December 2011,p. 34-35. (link)


Are you an educator...

...interested in including biological oceanography in your class?  The Neuheimer Lab can aid in creating lesson plans for grades K-12, covering many aspects of biological oceanography (e.g. animals, ecology) and marine science in general (ocean circulation, etc.).  Contact us here.